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Fortune Cookie Sayings 🥠 in 2022

A short pencil is usually better than a long memory any day.

Could I get some directions to your heart?

Everywhere you choose to go, friendly faces will greet you.

All the troubles you have will pass away very quickly.

Do not demand for someone’s soul if you already got his heart.

Good news will be brought to you by mail.

A good friendship is often more important than a passionate romance.

Beauty in its various forms appeals to you.

Don’t let your limitations overshadow your talents.

A small donation is call for. It’s the right thing to do.

Courtesy begins in the home.

Expect much of yourself and little of others.

All will go well with your new project.

Do not let ambitions overshadow small success.

From listening comes wisdom and from speaking repentance.

A good time to finish up old tasks.

Because you demand more from yourself, others respect you deeply.

Don’t worry; prosperity will knock on your door soon.

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